Custom Jewelry Design

If you have an idea for the perfect piece of jewelry, we can make it a sparkling reality.

We wake up every morning looking forward to sitting down with our customers and embracing the creative process to bring your vision of the perfect ring for the right person to life. We want what you want. Darbini Jewelry wants to help you create what an engagement ring has always symbolized; all of your hopes, dreams, wishes, wants, and promises all looped tightly in an eternal circle. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation at our Pasadena showroom and studio, let Darbini's experience bring your imagination to life.

The creative custom jewelry design process usually starts with you coming in and letting us know what you are looking for. What is your budget? Do you have any pictures or ideas that you want us to work with? With the information you provide us, we make a personalized sketch and get your approval.


Step 1 

It all starts with a concept, have you seen something you like but want to change it?

Have you drawn up an idea that would make a stunning piece of jewelry?
You can simply prepare an image of it and send to one of our designers, or describe it in our message area.

Step 2
One of our professional jewelry designers will contact you for more information or with some preliminary sketches of what your jewelry could look like. If you approve the design we can prepare your 3D design.

Step 3
You will receive some 3D views of your jewelry piece. If you approve of the final design we will begin to create your masterpiece.